Information for Course Managers and others

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  Essential Sites
Call for copy Student Services Publications Updating site including Course/quals updating, Short/long descriptions & schedules
Course Management The Curriculum Management Guide
Electronic claims For Travel and Subsistence claims for salaried staff, and authorisation thereof - requires IE on a PC
PLANET Keep Adrian happy, update your courses
TRACKER For access to Tracker workflow, portfolio, paws & more!
WebISDES Individual student & AL details
WebMI From here you can get to 'pre-defined queries' & 'reports'. See also year on year comparisons.
Other Sites
AL services & information The areas of Student Services which provide support and services to the University's 8,000 associate lecturers (ALs) and other types of tutor; for payment rates see Course Presentation Guide. Tutor toolkits, Additional Tutor Pages, AL procedures
CATER Specialises in technology support for disabled students
CAU Stuff for us on the intranet
Computer specification Latest specifications for personal computers
Consultancy Coding Audit recommendations relating to the coding of payments to consultants.
Course Assessment Student information on assessment
Course Calendars All course calendars for the last 10 years
Course Managers The PLANET-Assistant list of contact details for all Course Managers
Courses & Quals What we're telling the students they can study
Course Presentation Guide The Course Presentation Guide contains tuition, assessment and some payment information
Directory Enquiries 10 goes per day - unlimited requests for PC users via 'OU desktop' or \\ntmsdserv11a\Phonedisc\BTdisc.exe
Disk Inventory Want to know the number of your courses' floppy disk or CD ROM?
Dispatch Schedules Want to know when your course materials should be going?
Early Warning Tests Early warning tests & item analysis for CMAs
EstatesShuttle bus timetables, catering menus
Examination timetablesExamination periods and timetable lists with the dates and times for each course
Finance Including payroll matters, consultancies, travel & expenses
Fingertips All this information at your fingertips!
FirstClass servers Web access to oufcnt2 & phoenix
IET Statistics Student statistics including Retention & Progress with Course Profiles for new & old courses. - Quick links
IFEC A fully integrated Electronic, Mechanical and Computing design and development service for the University
Informatics Links Provided by the Meon webmaster as a service to staff, students & the general public
Intranet From here you can get to a number of the other sites listed
ITLO Advice for teaching & Learning online
Knowledge Network Enables OU staff to explore, share & build knowledge & experience of teaching & learning
LTS Maths and Computing media staff - Technology media staff
Meeting Room bookingsFind out availability of meeting rooms - Maths and Venables room bookings
National Rail Enquiries Timetables, etc. Also see Neville's page
New Scientist Global science & technology weekly
OU Club Clubs and Societies within the OU
OU Library Including Tim's Newsletter Blog, Technology information search & ROUTES
OUW Buy resources - online
Personnel Includes forms for consultancies, etc
Planet Quarterly Checking Make sure that Planet is up to date
Residential Schools What the students are told about Residential Schools
Rules, Regs & Codes Computing, Data Protection, Complaints, Our student Policies, Freedom of Information
Safari Skills in Accessing, Finding, & Reviewing Information, provided by the OU Library!
Staff Directory Useful if you haven't got Medusa. See also Neville's People & Departments page
Strategy Unit (was Planning) Course population forecasts & actuals - including student recruitment data
Student Home The place to go for course web sites for students
Student Resources See what information is available to students on-line
Student Services Addresses, Assessment, credit and awards, Student recruitment and financial support, Student toolkits, Regions
Tutorhome Find out what Tutorhome is

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