Open University codes, policies, rules etc - an Informatics service
A-COP: Access for disabled students
Animal issues policy
Attaching equipment to the network
Calls to Mobile phones
Charter and Statutes
CHEST - use of datasets
Code of practice for IT support staff
Communications privacy document
Communications privacy
Complaints & Appeals Office
Computing code of conduct summary
Computing code of conduct
Computing policy for students & ALs
Copyright abuse
Data protection code of conduct
Email, junk, chain letters, hoaxes etc
Equal opportunities codes
Equal opportunities policy
Finance forms A-M
Finance forms N-Z
Financial regulations
Food provision throughout the OU
Freedom of Information site
Good email guide
Health & safety policy document
  Health & safety policy
Health and Safety Policy
Human Resources documents & policies
Information security policy
JANET acceptable use policy
Network & computer security
Network Terms of Business
Personal web pages
Policy & strategy for race equality
Policy documents for students
Protecting your data
Purchase requisitions
Records management policy
Remote access & tele-working policy
Research degree policy documents
Staff purchases
Student regulations
Student regulations
Travel claims - Explorer & PC required
Usenet news - Code of conduct
Usenet news - Conditions of use
Usenet news
Web development standards
Web logo policy
This is an informal page, please see the formal student, public and internal pages.

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